Are You A University Student Just Moving into A Home Space?

Are you in university and looking for ways to build up your home space? Perhaps you need to read on ahead, we hope these practical tips would help you get a kick start.


First you got to budget, this will help you immensely. If you set aside an amount for your house expenses monthly, you will be able to understand the value of savings and know how to budget.

You could set aside a one-time amount for the aesthetics of your house so you wouldn’t have to keep adding to your expenses.

Bed and linen

Buy a few comforters and pillow cases, along with how many pillows you want before anything else. Beds are important!

This way you would be able to alternate between the sheets and comforters time to time, till it’s absolutely time to get new ones.


If you do not like your flooring, there are many options for you – one being changing them. But since you are in university the best option is buying large rugs for living room. You could even use this around your home space since it will be large and aesthetically pleasing.

Depending on your budget, however, this addition will vastly change the appearance of your full home space.


Plants are a must-have, although there is that other responsibility you would have – which is to water the plants, this cost friendly décor would truly bring joy to your home.

It also adds a sense of colour to your place, trust us!

Make use of what you have

If you have any extra glasses you could use them for small plants and keep them as décor, or even flowers. You could even use old university books you do not need as decoration on the table or as table coasters even. You can get creative!

You are in university after all.

Buy lamps or fairy/ LED lights

You could buy lamps for extra light, that’s also cost effective in comparison and would not take up as much electricity as ceiling lights would.

You could also buy in fairy or LED lights, whatever for that extra light and look.

Buy a board or use what you have

Memo boards would be a good investment that is not expensive, you could pin down all important dates and writings on there so that you do not forget any university deadlines.

If you do not want to spend on a memo board, you could create a board yourself with cardboard and paste in sticky notes till you decide to upgrade.


Lastly, add a mirror for you to check yourself out before zoom meetings or class. You could also purchase a study desk for yourself.

Remind yourself whilst reading this, or make a note as you read this to purchase any other addon’s you think you need for your university home. So that you can get it all in one go.

Happy shopping and studying!

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