Bath vs. Showers
If you pay attention to modern-day bathrooms, you will find, while showers are a mainstay, bathtubs are not that frequently featured. For one, they take up a lot of space and as homes and bathrooms become smaller and smaller, there just is not enough space to hold one in a regular-sized bathroom anymore. Bathing behaviours are also related to lifestyle.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

Modern-day lifestyles do not afford bathers time to luxuriate in bathtubs, a quick shower is found to be much more suited to the typical bather’s needs today. However, nothing beats a bit of me-time and relaxation soaking in a warm bath at the end of the day. Bathtubs and showers both have their place in a modern bathroom.

If you are considering remodelling your bathroom and have decided to do away with your old bathtub, do not be hasty speak to a bath relining expert to understand how you can bring it back to life. Similarly, if you have a less-than-desirable shower tray, speak to a  shower base resurfacing specialist to understand how you can reline it.

Choosing to spend time bathing in a bathtub or opting for a relatively quick shower is a personal choice that is dependent on several factors. Read below to get a sense of what each has to offer, and you may decide you need both.

Baths are not popular because of the time it takes to fill the tub, spend some time in the tub and then empty the tub. Then there is the amount of space a bathtub takes in your limited bathroom space. That said, there are smaller versions of bathtubs available to suit small spaces. To be able to enjoy the benefits a bath has to offer, you must allow yourself some time there are multiple benefits including health benefits to taking a bath at the end of a long day. A warm bath can soothe muscle pain and adding salt to your warm bath can help with arthritic pain.

Steam baths are recommended for relieving sinus pressure while a hot bath can help you rid your body of toxins and help you get a good night’s sleep. Let us not forget the relaxation that comes with sitting in a warm bath with a magazine. One of the main disadvantages is the amount of space a bathtub takes space, however, there are smaller tubs widely available now. Then there is the amount of water required to fill up a bath and of course, the time that is taken to fill the tub adds to the time taken to bathe in a tub.

The convenience of showering vs. bathing is the reason every home has a shower even if they do not have a bath. Compared to a bath, showering uses less water and is significantly easier and quicker. Showers are also easier to access by the elderly. While they require minimum space, they require regular cleaning and leaks can be more difficult to fix.