Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring
If you want the look of solid wood but want a more durable and affordable alternative, engineered wood is a great solution. Low maintenance flooring is always preferred as you will need fewer repairs.

You can always ask the flooring company whether they have a division dedicated to periodic maintenance and cleaning. This is also a sustainable material option for renovations and new constructions.

The more layers that you have under the veneer surface, the more stability that is guaranteed. These layers of the core can create a very durable flooring option. You can use these in high traffic areas that are subjected to a lot of wear such as kitchens and common pathways. They can take a lot more damage than traditional wood flooring. It is best to ask the supplier about the moisture resistance properties of the engineered floorboard before you install it in the kitchen or dry bathroom areas.

Engineered wood is cost-effective compared to premium hardwood flooring like maple. You can request herringbone flooring pricing if that is a design that you are looking for. Most of the time, herringbone can be slightly higher in the engineered wood price range due to the labour cost and installation time required. There are common hardwood options that may be cheaper than engineered wood as well but you will be able to catch up on the cost as the installation of engineered wood is much faster.

Engineered floorboards are known for their ease of installation. They are used in many DIY projects because of this as well. This will allow you to save on the installation cost somewhat. But there are professional installers who can give you a good price on this so it is best to check these prices before you decide on the installation method. The tongue and groove system of the flooring ensures that the floorboards have a perfect fit. The flooring will be subjected to a lot of traffic and it will be the first element in your house that will begin to show wear.

But the beauty of engineered wood is that you can sand it down to get rid of marks. Bear in mind that this applies to wood with thicker layers. So this is something you should keep on your checklist when going shopping for flooring. After you sand it, you can even choose a new finish to give your home a brand new look. Make sure you ask the supplier how many times they recommend this procedure of sanding. You can also use engineered wood for under-floor heating applications.

All you need to keep the floor clean is to use a vacuum cleaner occasionally or a soft brush to clean the dust. You can then use a damp mop for the final clean. Make sure that you are careful about the amount of water that you use. While it has sufficient water resistance, avoiding large quantities of water will ensure a longer lifespan. You also need to clean spills once they happen to prevent staining of the wood.

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