How To Clean Your Sewer Lines: Key Tips

Plumbers know how to maintain and clean the pipes in the home. Cleaning the drainage line is not a challenge for a plumber, but expectations are you're not a plumber.

It may seem like a challenging job for all of us who are not qualified to take care of piping. The sewer lines are lengthy, and all the liquid and leftover we flush goes down. If your drainage system start to make odd sounds, or if they begin to smell foul, it's necessary to flush them out.

Drainage Line Cleaning

Both drainage lines connect to your house's sewage system. Any drain, whether it's in a shower, a sink or a lavatory, joins the sewer lines that run out of your home. They're called side lines, and they're running to the main sewer or main line.

If your sewer needs to be cleaned, you'll know. Strange sounds, smells, and sluggish flushing are all signs that your sewer line needs assistance. Not every case, however, calls for a plumber, and there are things you can do to deal with a multitude of difficulties.

Clean Your Lines Frequently

One way you can do this is by buying an enzyme cleaner. Enzyme cleansers are available in a wide range of varieties. Some eliminate pet stains, while others are great for removing drainage pipes. For this reason, any hardware store outlet and most plumbing stores would have high-grade chemicals.

Follow the manufacturer's directions and ensure that the cleaner is placed in a big drain. The best option for this is to drain the basement, but any big drain will work. Enzyme cleansers work through a biochemical process, so time is needed. Be calm and keep for the cleaner to do his job.

Get a Snake

Snakes are inexpensive, and it's not hard to use them when it comes to sewer cleaning. Minor block that arises within your household can be eliminated with little work by using a snake. Snakes are augers that are inserted into a drain line and then sliced or twisted into a clog.

Snakes are not going to solve every problem, but they are ideal for small clogs. A simple snake helps keep your sinks clean, but be careful not to harm your pipes. If you find a clog that your snake can't go into, that's a clear sign that it's time to call a plumber.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

A popular cleaning solution that many people use to thoroughly rinse is baking soda mixed with vinegar. The molecular reaction that occurs when these two are combined is foamy and can bubble. Bubbles can help the baking soda scrape off the residue that can cause clogging.

It can be very slick as the grease cools down. Other forms of debris are caught in the grease that sits on your lines. It's easy to get grease in your sewer line even though you don't pour a ton down the drain. Over time, build-up can take place, and this cleaning trick is fast and simple and can be done at any time.

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