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How to Pass A Commercial Building Inspection?

As a seller this is one of the main things you need to do before selling off your commercial building and as a buyer purchasing one is quite the investment. Before investing in such a property and building inspection is crucial to make an informed decision.

A good inspector will highlight the actual conditions of the building and what it will take to repair the issues. So, to pass a commercial building inspection we have listed down some of the main thing an inspector will look at when inspecting your commercial property.

Before we move onto that let’s check out what classifies as a commercial building.

What is a commercial building?

In a basic definition it is a build constructed on a piece of commercial real estate. They are meant to make a profit from rental or capital income. The 5 main categories of commercial buildings are office, Retail, Land, Multifamily dwellings and Miscellaneous.

Who can make a commercial building inspection report?

When it comes to a pre purchase building inspection the asset manager or owner has a couple of options as to who can inspect his/her building. One of the first choices is to get an architect or civil engineer. They can utilize their trade knowledge to inspect the condition of the building. The other option is to hire a specialized commercial building inspector. Most of the inspection companies have both residential and commercial inspectors.

Why is the inspection necessary?

As I mentioned before a commercial building can be quite an investment and so it should have a residual value and ROI.

An inspection reveals the condition of 5 main parts of the building which include the Roofing, Electrical wiring, Plumbing, HVAC and structural integrity. Replacing or restoring these 5 are quite expensive and before purchasing you should know whether they will need to be replaced in a few years after it is purchased. This is an extra cost and if such repairs come along before you start to make a profit the investment in pointless.

What exactly will an inspector look into?

This is the main question. The building inspector will look into 4 main things,

1. The 5 Main Systems

A commercial build generally has 5 main systems: Mechanical, Electrical, Heating, Plumbing and Ventilation. Inspectors will strictly look into these systems. If a certain system is not up to standard, he/she will give the buyer an estimate of how much it would take to replace or repair the system.

2. Exterior of the Building

This doesn’t just include the walls but also the structure, roofing, parkingand landscaping. Structural integrity is checked in this stage.

3. Interior of the Building

This includes two parts. The inspector will check if the insides are up to local standards and also the safety aspect.

4. Documentation of the Building

Documentation of a typical commercial building will include appraisal, citation, building plans, construction permits and so on. These are important as they will give the cost of owing the property and will help to reveal the true value of the building.

Hiring a reliable inspector is, the first step to selling or buying a commercial property. Make sure the inspector isn’t biased and maintains his integrity throughout the inspection.

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