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The Key Benefits of Colorbond Roofs for Your Home
A roof completes your property structure and provides the final touch of shelter and protection. Due to the prime architectural role it plays in your house, it’s important to make sure you get the best and quality roof fitting. Colorbond roof systems are well known to be tried and tested in Australia and are also now growing to be the preferred choice of roofing.

What is Colorbond you ask? Well, a Colorbond is a coated steel roofing material that holds many great characteristics and properties. It has become a significant choice in comparison to tile roofs.  Keep reading in order to understand the key benefits you’ll receive when opted for Colorbond roofs.

Thermal Efficiency

Colorbond roofs are thermally efficient and help in keeping your home insulated throughout the year during all seasons by keeping the extreme temperatures at bay. Most colorbond roofing products come with solar reflective features. This feature in turn reduces your home energy bills.

Strength and Resilience

These roofs are durable and long-lasting. They withhold strong wind forces and also protect houses from termite infestation and other possible damages. When it comes to today’s roofing materials, Colorbond is known to be one of the sturdiest and advanced ones available. It is also light in weight and therefore applies no heavy strain against the house.

Design Flexibility

You can find Colorbond roofs in a variety of shades and colors for you to choose from in order to let it suit your personal taste and preference while also giving your house the curb appeal to touch. Nor does using a colorbond roof limit the flexibility in your design as it can be used on curved profiles, straightened ones, and even shaped and slanted ones.

No Maintenance

 Due to its solid baked finishing Colorbond roofs require no maintenance. The colors are bonded to the material thoroughly and don’t easily chip or peel off even during heavy weather. It’s resistant to several things such as corrosion, fire, and even water. Therefore, the need for maintenance is almost virtually unnecessary compared to other roofing types.

Aesthetic and Stylish

Due to its design flexibility, you can enrich the look of your home greatly with the colorbond roofs. They provide the total finishing of your house with a more stylish and aesthetically pleasing look. The roof compliments your property structure. Alongside many other reasons, the beauty of it helps in increasing the value of your house, which makes it easy during times of resale.

Environmentally Friendly

Steel materials are known to be re-usable and therefore Colorbond roofs can be easily recycled making them entirely environmentally friendly. Dealing with a colorbond roof also means that there’s less waste on-site as well as energy-efficient when it comes to transporting it. Choosing a colorbond roof system means you’re contributing to helping the earth from several negative impacts.

Some of the other reasons as to why you should choose Colorbond roofs are because they offer great value for money and they are also known to ensure more than two to three decades of warranty.

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