What Makes Hamptons Style Homes So Popular?

Getting your own home is such a huge investment but its cost is definitely worth it. It is where you’ll live comfortably with your family and keep your belongings safe and secure. You can even welcome guests into your home when you’re having an event.

Because of this, it is important to have a home decor that reflects your personality and taste. There are plenty of home interior designs out there to choose from and the Hamptons style is one of the most popular one. If you’re wondering why many homeowners choose this style and you’re starting to consider it for your home too, here are the reasons for its popularity.

Natural Look

If you’re wondering what Hamptons style looks like, just imagine how luxury resorts look like. Hamptons style homes exude luxury and classic beauty – it resembles the vibe and ambience of a high-end resort. Who wouldn’t love to stay in a home that looks like that?

Hamptons style uses natural textures and colours, giving off a feeling that you are in a beach. Plain white or cream walls, rattan furniture, linens, and other neutral and natural looking decor are the common components of a Hamptons style home. Check out these Hamptons style house plans Australia if you’re planning to have this design on your new home or for your next house remodel.

Comfy Furnishings

The main characteristic of furnishings used in Hamptons style is comfy. When choosing furniture for your Hamptons house, pick furniture that looks relaxing yet luxurious at the same time. The most common picks are bulky sofas and couches in neutral tones plus comfy pillows over them for added relaxing feel. Glass side tables and potted plants are also a perfect addition to complete your Hamptons style decor.

Unusual Seating

Another feature you can commonly find on Hamptons style homes is unusual seating. Although it doesn’t look like the traditional seating layout that we’re used to, it adds more to the functionality of your home as well as its aesthetic appeal. For instance, a window seat creates a perfect spot to relax while enjoying the outside views as well. You can even add a small cabinet or side table nearby for added storage.

Unique Layout

Hamptons style houses are known for their unique layout. For instance, it is common for this style to have a kitchen that could see through the dining area or a small relaxing reading nook somewhere. Alfresco areas are also a common feature in this home interior style. Aside from adding more living space to your home, you can also use this area to accommodate and entertain guests. Just think of comfortable and relaxing while decorating your alfresco area for a perfect Hamptons home.

Many people think that creating a Hamptons style house is expensive and needs much to time to achieve. However, with proper planning of your home layout and investing in beach-themed furniture, you can definitely achieve the Hamptons style house that you’ve always wanted.

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